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On December 15th, Sunday, Phoenix Club One opened its doors to a group of bikers and their lovely motorbikes.The event was organized by Phoenix Kessaku, a range of ultra-luxury homes designed to make every moment a beautiful experience, in partnership with MV Agusta, and X-Torque. It brought together people who share a passion for art, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, a passion that Phoenix as a brand believes and lives by.

Around 20 motorcycle enthusiasts met for the ‘Fine Art of Igniting Possibilities. Perfected.’, where they discussed their love for the road and their rides, among which were popular superbikes such as the Fireblade by Honda, Suzuki Hayabusa, MV Agusta F4 RC, a BMW R1200GS, and more.

The highlight, however, were two superbikes that were offered for test drives – MV Agusta RR F4 and the MV Agusta Brutale 1090. MV Agusta, the iconic motorcycle brand, is a pioneer in the art of Italian bikes designed to entertain and enthrall. With its roots in Cascina Costa, Italy, the brand has a revered history of racing that dates back to 1945, followed by numerous World titles, Grand Prix wins, and Constructor’s World Championships to its name. X-Torque –the technical partners of MV Agusta, and a partner of the ‘Fine Art of Igniting Possibilities. Perfected.’ specialises in offering accessories and services for premium motorbikes. As guests took turns riding the MV Agusta, the pleasant weather on a lazy Sunday made for a comfortable session of networking and hearty conversation.

To keep the adrenalin rush going and the atmosphere amped up, we invited PunchTantraa to take the stage. PanchTantraa is a unique collaboration of creative individuals who thrive and excel in the art of Radical Mime. Unlike stand-up comedy, the group engaged with the audience and used their suggestions to enact impromptu mimes. They also focused on delivering clean humour with nuggets of social messages.

After a rib-tickling hour, lunch was served. Starters included an assortment of breads, dips, and salads. Mains consisted of a healthy combination of Indian and continental dishes from pilaf to chicken gravy and pasta. For a grand closing, chocolate desserts and cheesecakes were served. A few other guests also visited mock-apartments of Phoenix Kessaku.

Late into the afternoon, the event came to a close. As for our guests; they mounted back on their superbikes and drove back under cloudy skies.

Towers 1 to 5 have received OC.
RERA Registration Number for Tower 6:        PRAM/KA/RERA/1251/309/PR/171117/000365

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