5 Feel-good Breakfasts to Light Up Your Kid’s Day!

Weekday mornings can be quite chaotic for some of us. Especially when you have to make a healthy breakfast for fussy eaters, it’s quite an ordeal. To avoid the early morning madness and to tackle the weekday rush better, you can plan breakfasts much in advance & keep your ingredients ready. Chart down a breakfast menu for the week, so you don’t have to improvise every morning.

When it comes to kids, making sure that they eat a nutritious breakfast is critical to their well-being. But the hard part is getting them to eat it. Or more so, eat it with the enthusiasm it deserves. So here are 5 breakfast ideas that will instantly brighten up your child’s morning & keep them charged through the day.

  • Breakfast Pizza

Pizza is every child’s favourite. Give it a little healthy touch by replacing the usual toppings with flavoured yoghurt and fruits. If your child likes their breakfast sweeter, you can add a layer of mixed fruit jam in the pizza. This also makes for a great tiffin box recipe.

  • Banana Rolls

Roll a banana in peanut butter and cover it with crunchy cereal and chocolate chips. It’s a great, not to mention creative recipe, for an on-the-go meal, something they can munch on in the bus. Vegan parents can also make this for their children, with healthier alternatives.

  • Omelette Muffins

Break a couple of eggs and whisk them. Add broccoli, carrots, capsicum, onions, & spinach. Add a dash of salt & pepper. Pour the mixture into a muffin mould/tin and top it off with some cheese. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes & serve hot. These muffins are a super yummy quick fix & provide the calcium/protein kick that your child needs.

  • Healthy Parantha Roll

Knead leftover dal or rice into chapati dough &make paranthas. Spread a layer of ketchup, add your child’s favourite vegetables (sauté them if you want) on the parantha and top it off with cheese. Heat the parantha for a couple minutes to melt the cheese, then roll em’ up. Your kids will undoubtedly enjoy these healthy, delectable rolls.

  • Breakfast Bars

The Breakfast bars you get at the grocery store are loaded with sugar & preservatives. You can make a bunch of breakfast bars for your kid in your very own kitchen. Combine your child’s favourite dried fruits & nuts, some toasted rolled oats, and mix them in honey. Refrigerate them overnight in a tray & cut them up into bite-sized bars& voila!  Healthy breakfast bars to go!

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