FOR YOUR PET-TER HALF! – Top 5 Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Bangalore

It’s a lazy Sunday morning at Phoenix One Bangalore West. You & your family resort to a late breakfast. Maybe some fresh fruits, some cold cuts & cheese. Or just cereal, because you know what Sundays are like. And then you go for a swim in the clubhouse, followed by quick visit to the jacuzzi.

But you decide you don’t want to be home-bound all day. So, you decide to take your family for a nice, late lunch. Just you, your spouse/partner, the children & of course, your furry little friend.

We know. Some of us don’t like to leave our pets behind. It’s not the same without them, is it? But unfortunately, not all places in Bangalore are pet-friendly. In fact, some of them are not even child-friendly!

But we know the pain. So, we made a list of the best restaurants in Bangalore where you can unwind with the family. And by that, we mean the entire family.

  1. Green Theory

This café is hip, contemporary & super pet-friendly! One of these days, you ought to try vegan food! It’s delicious, healthy & completely organic. However, the main pet-attraction is a quaint little sit- out/garden where you can relax with your pet. A proud pet owner & an avid lover of animals, the owner of the restaurant also hosts pet brunches on a few Sundays! Meet pet-owners from across the city & some lovable little pets. ‘

  1. Rasta Café

How about a mini-long drive this weekend? Wondering what kind of an oxymoron that is? A visit to Rasta Café on the Bangalore-Mysore will explain it all. It’s the perfect blend of the great outdoors & the cosy indoors. It’s an offer your pet can’t refuse! Needless to say, Rasta café is also known for its lip-smacking menu. So, take a chill pill, gorge on some delicious & play fetch. Or find a nice reading spot & unwind with your pet. Make it a mini vacation of sorts!

  1. Toit

We’re sure this raised eyebrows! Bangalore’s most popular brewery is indeed a pet-friendly hangout. Unbeknownst to many, they have a little outdoor space where customers can entertain their pets. Word on the street is that the staff are super friendly & rest assured, your darling will feel at home. Make sure you don’t go on a crowded day, as it might overwhelm your pet. But what better place to grab some crafted beer, relax with the family & pamper your pet.

  1. Sunny’s

Sunny’s is one of the city’s best destinations for continental food. But how many of us know that it is named after the owner’s very own golden retriever? Naturally, the restaurant is a pet lover’s paradise. Originally a bungalow& now converted into a multi-space restaurant, Sunny’s comes with a fun little garden where your pets can be pets. Make sure to try the steak & sneak some for you-know-who under the table!


  1. Spoonful of Sugar

This quaint little patisserie is a boon to those with a sweet tooth. It’s a treat for your canines & your canine’s canines. Not only do they have a pet-friendly venue, Spoonful of Sugar also makes goodies that your pets can enjoy! They have a special menu for your little munchkins, which includes the liver pâté, savoury crackers, dwaffles (yes, doggie waffles!) & the upside-down shepherd Dog’s pie. Located both in Indiranagar & Koramangala, this place just might become your munchkin’s go-to place!

At Phoenix One Bangalore West, we care about your family’s well-being. From the oldest to the youngest, to the furriest! For inquiries, Contact us here.

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