Ah, Coffee. The epitome of our existence. The subtle bitterness, the steamy aroma, the kick of adrenaline; these are things coffee aficionados live for. They would travel across the seven seas, overcome the mighty mountains, and wrestle a grizzly bear, all for just a steaming cuppa.

But don’t worry, you needn’t go that far. Here’s a list of coffee shops that are a stone’s throw from Phoenix One Bangalore West, frequented by patrons across the city. The coffee connoisseurs of Rajajinagar are in for a treat!

  1. Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks pays homage to coffee lovers around the globe. Indisputably, the world’s most popular beverage has become fully synonymous with the brand. Located in Orion Mall, this franchise outlet has been elegantly designed to capture the essence of Bangalore’s rich coffee heritage.  Most loyal customers pine for a strong arabica brew, but the handcrafted coffee beverages are also worth exploring.

  1. Kalmane Coffee

Nothing screams Bangalore like Kalmane Coffee. Walk by any outlet, and a whiff of the divine aroma is bound to draw you closer. There’s nothing like an authentic cup of traditional South Indian filter coffee, and Kalmane exists within that nostalgic notion. So, what are you waiting for? Indulge in some freshly brewed coffee while at Kalmane, Malleshwaram.

  1. Café Noir

Café Noir is among the top French Bistros in Bangalore. Better yet, it’s located in an idyllic place like Rajajinagar. While coffee is one of their major attractions, they also have a delectable continental menu. From mouthwatering baguettes and sugary almond croissants, choose from an interesting selection of accompaniments for your cuppa. Since you’re already there, why not have brunch?

  1. Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

Retaining Bengaluru’s old-world charm, one cup of coffee at a time is Brahmin’s Coffee Bar in Rajajinagar. Needless to say, it’s a haven for true blue South Indians in the vicinity. If you’re homesick, and you pine for strong brewed filter coffee, soft idlis, vadas and delicious chutneys, you know where to go.

  1. Sri Raghavendra Stores

Want to experience Bengaluru for what it is? We have a suggestion. Sri Raghavendra Stores is a little gem that packs big punches. Open from wee hours of the morning till noon, they are popular for their signature vadas, fluffy idlis, and authentic filter coffee.

From al fresco cafés to traditional tiffin centers, Rajajinagar has them all. Be it a business meeting, a coffee date or a simple gathering with friends – there’s a place for every occasion.

Life in Phoenix One Bangalore West makes you privy to the best things the city can offer. Be it coffee, art or a finer side of life. Be the cream of Bangalore’s crop. To know more, visit:

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