MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUNSHINES! – 5 DIY Projects To Take Up With The Family

The summer is finally here! The kids are on break, and you’re in dire need of ideas to engage them. On that note, it’s time to revisit that DIY home improvement project you’ve been planning forever. But this time, you can get your whole family to pitch in! It’s a terrific opportunity to bond & impart valuable lessons, whilst making fun memories at home. From conceptualization to execution, there’s a lot to teach; the virtue of patience, the importance of teamwork & and the joy of creativity at Phoenix One Bangalore West.

So, don’t lounge on your couch and waste this amazing season. Try one of these DIY projects, and rope in the entire clan.

  1. Spruce up the walls

Gone are the days when your walls were all the same colour. Contemporary wall art designs and interesting colour combinations are rather sought after today. Instead of getting an interior designer to undertake the project, make it your own little venture. Give your living room or bedroom a colorful makeover based on intriguing themes, elegant colour palettes, and exquisite paintings.

  1. Revamp old furniture

Bored of old furniture? Give them a dash of style and color by adding interesting hues. You can use spray paints or even acrylic colours to fully refurbish dull furniture. Choose colors & design ideas according to the room and its ambiance. Or alternatively, you and the family can build a piece of furniture from scratch. Setup a little workshop in the balcony, acquire new skills over the summer.

  1. Herb Gardens

With some good soil, clay pots and a shovel, you can set up a little kitchen garden with herbs & vegetables. Your private terrace at One Bangalore West would be a great place to start. If you’re one for fresh ingredients, then plant your own! You can choose herbs that you use in the kitchen, like cilantro, sage, oregano, and basil etc. Furthermore, gardening is a great hobby to impart to the kids. It’s fun to get your hands dirty while helping the environment in any little way you can.

  1. Make a playhouse

Every kid dreams of a cool playhouse. Why don’t you build one with your little ones?  A fun little tipi they can escape into, on sweltering summer afternoons. Fill it with their favorite books, toys, and games, so they can find something productive to do.

  1. Renovate your balcony

A balcony is a wonderful place to unwind at any point in time. It’s a great thinking spot, and a safe little haven where you can meditate, relax or even sunbathe. Add some comfortable furniture, some cushions & throws, and give it your own little aesthetic spin. Or maybe set up a small gym & make it a fitness corner. Having a magnificent view while exercising will boost your morale. Throw in a little something for everyone in the family. A recliner for you & Papa, a play table for the kids, and a toy for the pet if you have one.

Let summer be a productive season full of sweet memories. At Phoenix One Bangalore West, the possibilities are endless. To know more, click here.

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