Don’t have a green thumb? Fret not, for gardening can be done right by novices by following some fundamental tips & tricks. A lot has been said about creating green spaces inside or around houses in order to make them visually appealing as well as adding to the city’s lung space. Gardening is more of an art than a science. Enhance the aesthetics of your home at Phoenix One Bangalore West by creating your own green patch be it on the terrace or in the balcony. Simple tips go a long way in mastering this art. Follow these 5 real simple gardening rules.

Know Your Soil

Before you grow any plants, check your soil type – if it’s light & sandy or clay & heavy. Not everything grows everywhere. Check if your soil is apt for the kind of plants you plan on growing. Different plants thrive on different types of soil. Compost is a must for beginners. They say, “If you are a gardener with no compost, you aren’t a gardener at all”. You can even make your own compost at home with food waste for a fresh & healthy soil.

Start With The Easy Plants

Some plants are known to grow faster and are easier to maintain. If you’re looking to cultivate fresh produce, then choose tomatoes, peppers, lemon, basil & bush bean plants. If you are keen on coming home to beautiful bloomed flowers then go for rose, hibiscus, bougainvillea, marigold, and dahlia. You could also plant easy-to-grow ferns that can be found in just about any garden.

Water Them Right

Always be mindful when watering the plants. Saplings & young plants require plenty of water. That being said, plants are designed to draw natural moisture from the earth. Therefore, too much water can make the plants rot and the leaves turn yellow. Make sure the water penetrates the soil as opposed to just pouring little on the surface.

Watch Out For Weeds

A weed is a gardener’s worst enemy. These unwanted plants grow amidst your produce and can hamper the growth of other plants. Make sure you pluck out weeds regularly and remove all of them by their roots for a healthier green patch.

Go Organic

When it comes to maintenance of plants, it is recommended that you make organic choices – be it pest control, fertilizers, or even seed selection. Plants that are often treated with chemical-based fertilizers & pesticides tend to become weak. Always buy biological fertilizers for a healthier garden.

A colourful, visually pleasing garden can be grown right at your house. Live well by creating your private garden amidst the luxury of your Phoenix One Bangalore West home. Located at Dr.Rajkumar road, it is pertinent to sheer opulence with exceptionally styled apartments that ensure a scenic view of the city & highest standard of amenities.

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