Sports is a major factor in your lives beyond syllabus & work hours. Participating in active sports can aid you to learn teamwork, mingle with others, beat stress & have fun. Phoenix One Bangalore West luxurious homes enables you to relax and rejuvenate for your next game at home. Not just that, sports can also help you lose weight rapidly as it burns nearly 700 calories, according to NutriStrategy.


Slam Dunk the Extra Pounds

Basketball, an active sport that combines a plethora of fast-paced movements. Dribbling, passing & shooting enables you to stretch multiple muscles, thereby burning the fat. Running & jumping in all directions helps you sustain injuries keeping you fitter throughout the game.


Get-low, Dribble & Score Fitter Points

Hockey, another active sport requires immense amount of energy. You are advised to use your lower body to propel you forward. With your upper body, you will be required to shoot, pass & check opponents. With a fast-paced activity, the sport allows you to burn 710 calories with a single game. Play to your heart’s content.


Ace the Fit Life

Smash the extra pounds with Tennis. Right from holding the racket to covering the court, the sport has multitude benefits to offer. Also, bear in mind that Tennis demands a ton from your muscles and your cardiovascular system. Start easy and notch up over a period of time.


Stroke the Fat

Water sports are the best to get a toned body. Swimming challenges your entire body, from upper shoulder blades to calf muscles. It also provides you with an effective aerobatic workout. Begin the laps today & increase the time to get a chiselled outer look.



There are different ways of running. Sprinting, jogging, slow-running and more are all various forms of running. While the exercise is optimum to lose weight, faster running enables you to lose more weight within a short period. The pace of your running is directly proportionate to the number of calories burnt.



Exercise regularly to stay fit. The most important factor is to maintain a balanced diet to ensure the maximum effect on your sporting endeavours. Most importantly, rest well at you home in Phoenix One Bangalore West. To know more http://bit.ly/SM1POBW

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