Exquisite Teas From Around The World, For The Ones With A Good Taste For Life

Tea is one of the oldest beverages in the world. There is hardly any place on the planet where tea is not served. When some people savor tea for its taste, some take it for health reasons. But, any tea lover will attest to the fresh hydrating effects a cup of hot tea can bring.

Whether you partake of your favorite cup on a daily basis or occasionally, there’s no reason for you to not identify the best and exotic tea brands in the world. If you want to enjoy an exceptionally rejuvenating and uplifting tea moment from the comfort of your One Bangalore West home, here is a list of a few exotic varieties that you must try. Read on:

1. Gao Shan Tea

Gao Shan is a high elevation tea, grown at 4,000 to 8,000 feet above sea leave. Cultivated in the mountains of Taiwan, Gao Shan is extremely rare and costs around $150-$250 per kilo. Tea lovers clamor to get the unique taste of this exquisite tea and they are even willing to part ways with money to get a sip of this exotic beverage. Serve yourself this full-flavored, high-fragrant tea, while unwinding in the luxury of your private sky deck.

2. Tienchi Flower Tea

Harvested from an evergreen shrub native to Asia, the Tienchi Flower tea has been used by the ancient Chinese as a cure for insomnia, and rashes. This tea is derived from the flowers of Panax Notoginseng and is popular for its medicinal properties. A kilo of Tienchi flowers is worth $170 now. Get a taste of this sweet tea just before you retire into the comfort of your master suite.

3. Da-Hong Pao Tea

Made from a rare tree, Da-Hong Pao is the most expensive tea in the globe. This variety of tea is declared as a national treasure in China and the existence of this beverage dates back to the Ming Dynasty. Often presented as a gift to dignitaries, the process used to harvest this variety remains as a closely guarded secret. This tea was believed to cure the Ming Dynasty’s mother and thus the price tag reached one million dollars. Endowed with a mineral ‘rock taste’, this tea is the perfect beverage to sip on while turning pages in your reading room.

4. Gyokuro Tea

Popularly known as Sencha, this Japanese green tea is made without crushing the leaves. Delicately treated with special care, these leaves are shielded from the scorching sun before the harvest. This process boosts the amino acids in the tea, providing them with a delicious sweet flavor. This tea is sold for about 65 US dollars/100 grams. With a sweet and full-bodied taste, this tea is perfect for your poolside evenings.

5. Yellow Gold Tea Buds

Sold inside Singapore, this yellow colored tea is painted with gold. Cropped just one day in the year, the Yellow Buds cost $3000. This elusive jewel has a subtle flowery taste to it and could be served as an exquisite drink for your guests.

Do you consider yourself as a tea connoisseur? Then you definitely have to get a taste of these fine varieties.

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