Winter Wonderlands Await. Top 4 Destinations To Visit During Winter

All around the globe, winter is the time when cities get festive. While some might cuddle up in the comfort of their homes, others might want to embrace the cold weather outside. The winter months mark the beginning of a late surge of travelers scampering across the world in search of a delightful end to the year. Most of the people go towards spectacular beaches, mountains, and cities in India, but only a privileged few will have the luxury to travel to the winter wonderlands of the world – like a One Bangalore West resident.

1. Whitefish, Montana, USA

A serene and tranquil ski town, Whitefish is the perfect getaway from all the daily rigors of life. A gateway to the jagged peaks and glacier-carved valleys of the Glacier National park, Whitefish offers scenic views of the majestic mountains and frozen lakes during the winter. The real pull is the Annual Winter Festival, which features the lesser-known sport of joring. You can come here to try some winter sports in the season and retire into the comfort of your One Bangalore West residence.

2. Gullfoss, Iceland

Gullfoss waterfall in Southwest Iceland is perfectly placed in the canyon of the Hvita river. Fed by the Langjökull glacier, this white haven is located in Iceland. During winter time, it freezes partly, and the waters turn into vibrant shades of blue and turquoise. As a One Bangalore West resident, natural beauty won’t be something new to you, but here, you’ll get opportunities to revel in the untouched beauty of a winter wonderland.

3. Lake Bled, Slovenia

This serene water body is located in the Julian Alps of Northwestern Slovenia. A picturesque lake surrounds Bled island, which houses several charming buildings and churches. During winter, the lake freezes and reflects the snowy mountains on its surface. You might have masterpiece paintings at your One Bangalore West residence, but this sight will beat them all.

4. Tallinn, Estonia

This medieval town in Estonia is enchanting throughout the year. But, during the winters, it takes a whole new dimension of wonder. This capital city has a good mix of luxury, adventure, rich cultural heritage, and nightlife – just like your One Bangalore West home.

It’s hard to leave the comfort and warmth of your private master suite during the cold days of winter. But these destinations are sure to welcome you with all the wonders of the season.


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