7 Types Of Landscape Lighting To Illuminate Your Property At Night  

Your house and garden look spectacular during the day. Why let nightfall obscure the great view? Illuminate your lawn and draw attention to your house’s distinctive architectural features at night with landscape lighting fixtures. But, before you go ahead, it’s always better to know what kind of landscape lighting is best suited for your property. Just like in a One Bangalore West home, you can have a well-lit and wisely accentuated landscape. Here’s a list of 7 types of lighting you could use to light up your yard:

1. Path Lighting

Well-lit walkways, like the ones in Phoenix Old Bangalore West, are not only aesthetically appealing but are safe to walk around at night too. This is perhaps the reason why path lighting is the most popular type of landscape lighting. You can put the path lights along your walkway or use these fixtures to frame particular features in the lawn like a pond or seating area.

2. Up Lighting

In this type of lighting, light fixtures are strategically placed on the ground and pointed up at tall architectural features or trees. Opt for this kind of lighting if you want to add a dramatic touch to your landscape.

3. Shadow Lighting

In shadow lighting, landscape features like a tree or statue are washed with light so that it casts a shadow on a wall or fall surface behind it. This play of light and shadows lends an element of mystery to the surroundings.

4. Silhouette Lighting

You can use silhouette lighting to highlight any particular feature of your garden. Here, the light is placed behind the object to make it glow, while the lighting fixture remains hidden from view.

5. Moon Lighting

This is a great way to wash your garden with light. You should go for it if you have tall trees in your yard. Here light fixture is placed high and aimed downwards. It forms shadows of trees and branches on the ground to create the effect of natural moonlight.

6. Grazing

Do you want to highlight the beautiful texture of your walls? Go for grazing. It involves placing lights right next to the wall with beams directed downwards or upwards. This casts shadows to beautifully showcase the lovely texture of the wall.

7. Washing

Sometimes you may want to bathe an entire wall or a portion of your garden with light. By using a wide-beamed light between the surface you are illuminating and the vantage point, you can create the washing effect.

The right kind of landscape lighting can add character to your yard and make your property stand out, just like a One Bangalore West residence. Decide what and how you want to highlight your landscape and create a unique look that reflects your style.

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